Haq is president and CEO of Edinfocom Corp., a growing information-based advisory firm that helps businesses and other organizations by providing training, research, public relations and other related services. Founded in June 2004, the company started by focusing on its core areas, but has expanded its services to assist clients both professionally and personally in other areas. 

The firm offers professional development workshops, SAT/ACT prep courses, special programs for refugees and immigrants, and both secondary-school and other tutoring for math, science and English Language Arts. It also conducts research for businesses, produces industry-specific reports in areas like energy, trade, pharmaceutical, healthcare, finance and investments, and conducts background checks and credit reports. And it supports clients with public relations, media management, organizational communication, intercultural training and interpersonal strategies.

It also formed additional subsidiaries to offer back-office business management services, such as web development and payroll; medical billing for practices with more than one doctor or location; branding and media production; wellness services; and micro-loans for individuals and small businesses.

Prior to starting Edinfocom, Haq owned a different consulting and training firm for eight years, focusing on intercultural communications, public relations and multiculturalism. He previously worked at KeyBank, where he developed training materials.

Haq is also a University at Buffalo lecturer who specializes in Islamic studies, as well as a lecturer at SUNY Buffalo State in intercultural communications. He has taught at UB since 1996 and at SUNY Buffalo State since 2004. His course subjects have included the relationship between Islam and democracy, and between the Islamic world and the United States, as well as Muslim perceptions in the media and contemporary Middle Eastern politics.

Jonathan Epstein, Business Reporter at The Buffalo News