Papers & Presentations 1998

USA, Afghanistan, and Pakistan – Unresolved Issues

October 30-31, 1998
Association of Muslim Social Scientists 27th Annual Convention
East and West University, Chicago, IL

This presentation highlighted the events, which has lead to current situation in Afghanistan. Detailed account of US involvement and Pakistan’s activities in the region were discussed.

Concepts of Politics and State: Machiavelli vs. Al-Ghazalli

May 16-17,1998

Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.This presentation drew a comparison between two philosophies of governing people. Al-Ghazalli, an Islamic philosopher of 11th century, defined the principles of exercising and accumulating political power. His princely principles contradict the rules of politics set by Machiavelli.

Childhood and Working Environment

April 16-17, 1998

State of child labor in South Asian nations was analyzed with statistical data and socio-economic factors.

Crime, Punishment and Process of Law

April 16-17, 1998
SUNY at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

During the South Asian Human Rights Awareness Conference, the state of criminal justice and process of law in South Asian nations was presented.

Race and Ethnicity in the City of Buffalo

February 23, 1998
Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY

A panel discussion with business leaders, educators, and city officials of Buffalo.